Our speaker for our April 18th meeting is our own Tim Bryce. Tim is a writer and management consultant who will giving a presentation on MORALITY. According to Tim, morality is something we all claim to know, but never openly discuss.

The current stereotype of Republicans, as expressed in the media, is obviously not representative of who or what we are and is intended to mislead the masses. The public doesn’t understand GOP values only because we have done a lousy job of communicating them to the public. Then again, not too many people truly understand their own morality.
To this end, Tim has just released a new eBook and presentation on morality in this country, “Stand Up for MORALITY,” which he will preview at our April 18th meeting.

Gallup’s annual poll regarding the country’s “Values and Beliefs” paints a dismal picture of the direction of morality with 73% of the respondents believing it is “Getting worse.” Blame can be traced to such things as apathy, greed, a permissive society, parenting, and the entertainment industry. Whatever the cause, people are wondering what can be done about this deteriorating condition. Tim has prepared an analysis of morality in his
new eBook, reviews its properties, and makes some recommendations to improve our condition. “By getting people to openly discuss morality, I am hoping to raise the consciousness of people and apply it on a more uniform basis.”

The meeting will be held, as usual at:
Community Action Committee
3150 Tampa Road, Suite 16, Oldsmar, FL 34677

6:30pm – Social

7:00pm – Meeting


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