As the special election to replace the late Congressman Bill Young winds down, GOP candidate David Jolly took time out of his busy schedule to speak to the North Pinellas Republican Club on February 20th and bring us up-to-date on the campaign.

The special election, scheduled for March 11th, pits Jolly against Democrat Alex Sink and Libertarian Lucas Overby. As the race enters the home stretch the candidates are pounding the pavement for every vote as this will be a close contest.

Jolly’s presentation was not so much about himself personally as it was about a choice of two distinctly different views of government. Whereas Jolly represents the empowerment of people, limited government, liberty and defense of the Constitution, his Democratic opponent is the antithesis of such a position. Jolly supports a balanced budget and opposes Obamacare. Again, his Democratic opponent is just the opposite. Democratic claims that Jolly wants to destroy or upset Social Security and Medicare is totally fallacious. Actually it is an old ploy by the Democrats to distract voters. Bottom-line, it is a lie.

When asked about defending the laws and rules pertaining to the Constitution, Jolly said, “We do not get to pick and chose what parts of the Constitution we want to use. We have to implement it in its entirety.”

When asked, Jolly expressed his support for the Second Amendment.

“It’s funny,” he said, “during the GOP primary I was painted as a moderate. Now that we’re in the main race, I am being portrayed by the Democrats as a Tea Party conservative. Frankly, I don’t remember changing my position.”

Again, the election will be held March 11th. Please support David Jolly.


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