At our August 20, 2015 meeting, we introduced the “Traveling Elephant” to GOP clubs in Pinellas County.

The purpose of this program is to promote visitation of Republican Clubs in Pinellas County, thereby promoting cooperation, education and goodwill between the Clubs.
Only Republican Clubs in Pinellas County, Florida are eligible to participate. The Traveling Elephant (hereinafter “TE”) is a small decorative statue of an elephant (trophy-sized), symbolic of the Republican Party.


1. Five (5) members of a Club are required to present the “TE” to another Club. Of these five members, one must be an elected Club officer.

2. The “TE” is to be passed on A.S.A.P.

3. The “TE” is to be presented at a regular Club meeting, not a special social event or Board Meeting. The whole team must stay for the complete
meeting and present the “TE” at the close of the meeting.

4. The “TE” cannot normally be presented to the Club that was last in possession of it; at least one other Club must have been in possession of the “TE.”
However, if a Club has been in possession of the “TE” for two months or longer, the last Club in possession of it can obtain it if so desired.

5. The “TE” is to be prominently displayed during ALL Club meetings; regular, social, board, etc.

6. Upon transfer of the “TE,” an entry will be made in the accompanying register giving date of receipt, Club name, and the names of the members involved.
The register will also contain a copy of these rules.

Rules voted upon and passed: August 20, 2015

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