April Book Club News

Hi everyone,

Next week, on Thursday, April 12th, the North Pinellas Republican History Book Group meets at 5:30 pm for this month’s book discussion at the Dunedin Golf Club, 1050 Palm Blvd., Dunedin.  The earlier start time is to allow time for dinner prior to the discussion.

 The Club is providing us with a separate room, and their restaurant, The Fairway Grille, has a full dinner menu.

 We will be discussing the life and legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821).  Napoleon is one of the most written about characters in all of history, and a number of books on the subject are available in the Pinellas County Library.  A list was sent to all March 15, and hopefully by now you have had a chance to obtain and read at least one of these or parts thereof; the list is also attached to this e-mail.  If you only have time for an overview, though, Wikipedia has an excellent one.



         Napolean Books         John Halpin


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