RPoF Quarterly Meeting Report

This year’s Quarterly meeting of the Republican Party of Florida took place at the Doubletree Hotel in Tampa. I had the pleasure of attending the Constitutional and Rules committee meeting which is chaired by our State Committee woman, Nancy Riley. Issues were discussed. Among them, and one that was striking, addressed the issue and a resolution in regards to Florida remaining a closed primary state. I personally believe that Florida should remain a closed primary state as it is my opinion that in the primary, we as Republicans want to continue to choose our own candidate instead of opening the door to other Parties choosing our candidate for us. The board had voted unanimously to approve the resolution which had to then be referred to the Legislative Affairs Committee for a meeting the next day.

Transparency in financial reporting and in business contracts involved a discussion concerning disclosure and auditing. Disclosures regarding time lines for auditing and reporting deadlines were discussed.   This committee meeting, overall, was very informative, and I would highly recommend, in general, that interested people attend these quarterly meetings.  The agenda can be obtained in advance.  Keep yourself in the know and please consider attending future meetings.


Pam McAloon, Secretary  PCREC

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