Book Club British History Book List

Books available on this subject in the Pinellas County Public Library

(Entry shows Title, Author, number of pages and number of copies available)

The Norman Conquest: The Battle of Hastings and the Fall of Anglo-Saxon England Morris, Marc 440 5

A History of England Before the Norman Conquest Oman, Charles 679 1

The Normans and the Norman Conquest Brown, R. Allen 259 1

Queen Emma and the Vikings; a History of Power, Love, and Greed in 11th Century England O’Brien, Harriet 264 4

Northmen; The Viking Saga AD 793 – 1241 Haywood, John 382 5

A Brief History of Great Britain Burns, William E. 296 2

The Vikings; a History Ferguson, Robert 450 1

Emma, the twice crowned Queen; England in the Viking Age Strachan, Isabella 192 1

Britain in the Middle Ages Pryor, Francis 330 3

The English ( to 1760 ) Cantor, Norman F. 526 2

The Story of Britain Strong, Roy 596 4

The Story of Britain Rowse, A. L. 185 2

History of Britain & Ireland — The Definitive Visual Guide Various 400 4